Julian Foye is a proud stockist of the latest designs by Himolla. Discover the now legendary quality for yourself by visiting our Truro, St Austell, Wadebridge or Hayle showrooms. Try out the various adjustment options and find out more about “hidden” qualities that set a genuine Himolla apart – 5 year guarantee on leather – plus a FREE care kit – 5 year guarantee on the solid beech frame – Storage battery so no trailing wires – Aqua clean fabrics available.

When it comes to innovative German design, one company has consistently led the way in practical, comfortable ergonomic furniture. Since 1948, Himolla have dedicated themselves to ‘upholstery for the people’, meaning that each piece has been designed with your relaxation in mind. 

Himolla makes sure that all their materials are intensively tested for durability meaning to ensure that they won’t let you down through the wear and tear of daily life. Furthermore, they proudly display the ‘Golden M’ on their products – a mark of certification from the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM), an association which ensures furniture is of the highest standard of quality, safety and health.

With a distinctly contemporary style, Himolla’s sofas, recliners, suites and chairs will bring a sense of modernity to your home, while retaining the same classic comfort that Himolla have prided themselves on for over 70 years.


Welcome to the world of premium quality, customised upholstered furniture. Experience comfortable living in accordance with your individual requirements for the entire life of the furniture.

Himolla Quality

Customised seating – perfectly tailored to your body shape. We call it made-to-measure comfort.

Progressive Comfort

Everything you want – the finest quality, the epitome of seating comfort and an impressive variety of materials – this is typical for Himolla .

Customised seating – perfectly tailored to your body shape. We call it made-to-measure comfort.

Himolla Cleo Recliner

Find relaxing rest after a hard day with the Cleo recliner

Himolla Themse Recliner

A welcoming recliner with adjustable backrests and leg rests

Himolla Rhine Recliner

Everything you need in a single model, including style

Himolla Cleo Sofa

Equipped with height-adjustable headrests - either manually or electrically

Himolla Abney Riser Recliner

A modern lift and rise recliner, lift action is operated by pressing the lift button

Himolla Themse Riser Recliner

2 electric motors for independent adjustment of back, and integral footrest

Himolla Chester Riser Recliner

3 electric motors for independent adjustment of neck, back and footrest

Himolla Sinatra Recliner Chair

Sit back, relax and enjoy the end of the day in the Sinatra recliner

Himolla Abney Recliner Chair

Create your very own oasis of calm with the Abney recliner

Himolla Cygnet Recliner

A stylish design that will enhance any living room

Himolla Chester Sofa

Transform your living room into an oasis of calm and relaxation

Himolla Azure Reclining Chair

A recliner that makes you feel good: with its flexible headrest

Himolla Abney Sofa

Recliners and Sofas feature high backs, manual or powered

Himolla Cygnet Reclining Sofa

Contemporary range with the latest technology in furniture

Himolla Seine Recliner

Two motors version includes a separate adjustment of the leg and backrest

Himolla Mosel Recliner

Comes with a wooden swivel ring, which makes it possible to swivel the chair

Himolla Chester Recliner

Comfortable cushioning rest on a swivel ring made of elegant wood.

Himolla Swan Sofa

Recliners and Sofas as graceful as their namesakes

Himolla Swan Chair

Ergonomically shaped, with broad armrests and an adjustable backrest

Himolla Themse Sofa

A big welcoming sofa with wide deep seats and acres of space

Himolla Azure Sofa

Deep, sumptuous-looking seats, delicate curves with slender lines

Himolla Mersey Recliner Chair

Mersey is available in two sizes either manual or electric

Himolla Rhine Sofa

Everything you need in a single model, including style