Himolla Chester Recliner on show at St Austell.

The CHESTER recliner with a wooden swivel ring adds a touch of perfect elegance to your living room. The comfortable cushions rest on a swivel ring made of elegant wood. The wooden armrests curve upwards in an arc shape and lend the chair a seamless visual appeal. Thanks to its timeless design, your new chair fits perfectly into your existing home environment.

Sit back and lie down in total relaxation

The Himolla CHESTER recliner impresses with its stable workmanship and high-quality materials. The cushions offer two different types of seating comfort: soft or medium. There are two sizes to choose between. The seat height can be increased by 2.5 cm with an addition of the optional swivel ring. If you want to sit back, use the loop to move the backrest to the desired position. The backrest glides back seamlessly thanks to the gas spring mechanism. The ergonomic backrest adapts perfectly to your spine to ensure there is no tension in your body. The integrated leg rest and headrest with a manually adjustable tilt angle offer further comfort.

  • CUMULY chair with a wooden ring and a wooden arm
  • 2 versions: manual or electric
  • Electric versions with a remote control and electric headrest
  • Manual seat adjustment: legs by adjusting weight, backrest adjustment using a release loop and a gas spring mechanism
  • seat height: 44 cm
  • Optional: with elevator ring (+ 2.5 cm)
  • seat depth: 54 cm
  • 2 seat widths: 46 cm, 51 cm
  • 2 seat tensions: Superlastic soft, Superlastic med
  • 360° swivel
  • Tilt angle adjustment of headrest
  • Matching suite CHESTER 4247

Size – (electric variants can also be operated with an external battery as an option – no trailing wires)

*Recliner – (extra option of a battery pack)
Small 75 x h 108 x 88cm
Large 80 x h 108 x 88cm

Day-to-day care of leather furniture: we recommend that you wipe gently with a moist cloth, then buff with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid excessive wetting or rubbing. Frequent cleaning is needed where hands, bare arms or heads rest against the hide. Two or three times a year, use Leathermaster Cleaner and Protector, available from Julian Foye. Please see also the Care Advice section of the website.

Staingard fabric protection can protect your new chair against spills and reduce everyday soiling. Professionally applied before delivery, Staingard penetrates deep into each fibre but will not alter colour or texture. The Staingard five-year service programme is well worth the small extra cost, to protect your new chair.

Please visit the showroom to select and order.

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