Himolla Mosel Recliner Chair – on show at Truro.

If you are looking for a comfortable recliner that impresses in all respects visually, the Himolla Mosel recliner chair with its wooden swivel ring is the right choice for you. The television and reclining chair is notable by its innovative design. It is a design that fits seamlessly into all furnishing styles and yet acts as a fabulous eye-catcher. As with all upholstered furniture from Himolla, the MOSEL with a wooden swivel ring impresses with its excellent functionality.

The chair comes with manual seat adjustment: the backrest is adjusted to your requirements using a loop and with the help of a gas spring mechanism, and you can adjust the position of the leg rest by simply moving your body. The tilt angle adjustment of the headrest is also simple. The MOSEL comes with a wooden swivel ring, which makes it possible to swivel the chair by 360 degrees. You can also opt for an additional ring to increase the seat height by a further 2.5 cm.

The CUMULY model with a wooden swivel ring is available in two different sizes. Tip: The CUMULY model with a wooden swivel ring goes wonderfully with the RHINE model.

Size – (electric variants can also be operated with an external battery as an option – no trailing wires)

large (Maxi) recliner W 75 x H 109 x D 91cm
small (Midi) recliner W 70 x  H 107 x D 88cm
Increase seat height with a 2.5cm height ring – optional extra

8948-27S Cumuly Manual seat with gas sprung back Midi
8948-28S Cumuly Manual seat with Gas sprung back Maxi
8948-27Z Cumuly Electric seat 2 motors Midi
8948-98A Cumuly Electric seat 2 motors Maxi

8948-96AXX Additional height ring for chair 27
8948-98AXX Additional height ring for chair 28

Day-to-day care of leather furniture: we recommend that you wipe gently with a moist cloth, then buff with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid excessive wetting or rubbing. Frequent cleaning is needed where hands, bare arms or heads rest against the hide. Two or three times a year, use Leathermaster Cleaner and Protector, available from Julian Foye. Please see also the Care Advice section of the website.

Staingard fabric protection can protect your new chair against spills and reduce everyday soiling. Professionally applied before delivery, Staingard penetrates deep into each fibre but will not alter colour or texture. The Staingard five-year service programme is well worth the small extra cost, to protect your new chair.

Please visit the showroom to select and order.

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