The Julian Foye staff will do their best to complete the delivery but we cannot take responsibility for goods which are too big to fit into the house. To avoid any such embarrassment and unnecessary expense, please follow the simple guide.

Measure your room and the furniture which you already have. Remember to take into account any obstacles and fixtures. Check staircase headroom and turning space for beds and wardrobes being taken upstairs.

If you are in any doubt, please ask us before placing the order to avoid the inconvenience, expense and embarrassment of ordering furniture which cannot be delivered to your room.

If you are still unsure, after checking the measurements and discussing it with us, we may be able to offer to make a dummy delivery, using a display model; there is a charge for this service but it will be refunded against your deposit when you place your order.

If you have not requested a dummy delivery and it proves impossible to deliver to your home, we may be able to take your item(s) into stock, subject to a re-stocking fee of 50%.

Measure the entrance to your property

Measure the entrance of your property. Measure the height (A) and width (B) of the doorways and any hall or passage. Measure the clearance from the wall facing you, as you enter the doorway of the room, to the wall of the hallway or adjoining room (C).

Measure the furniture you have chosen

Either measure the chosen item yourself, or ask a member of staff to do it for you.

For a sofa, measure the width from arm to arm (X) and the diagonal depth (Y). For the diagonal depth, with cushions removed, place a straight edge against the most prominent parts of the back and arm. Then measure from that line to the rear corner of the sofa.

The diagonal depth (Y) must be less than the entry width (B). The sofa width (X) must be less than either the door height (A) or the entry clearance (C).

For a cabinet, measure the diagonal at the widest point (X) and the depth from front to back, including any projecting parts (Y).

The depth (Y) must be less than the entry width (B). The diagonal width (X) must be less than either the door height (A) or the entry clearance (C).

Your delivery will be delivered by our own dedicated staff

They will bring the furniture into the room in which it is to be used and unpack and assemble as required. Any packaging will be removed. Polythene, cardboard and polystyrene are collected at our warehouse to be recycled. Where appropriate, we will give you a briefing on the operation, care and maintenance of the product. ***PLEASE NOTE*** To prevent some furniture tipping over it must be permanently fixed to the wall, it is your responsibility to read all wall fixing instructions provided carefully and organise the installation to be carried out exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, this includes using the appropriate fixing type for your wall and checking that there are no hidden wires or pipes before drilling, otherwise a safety risk can occur.