Cancellation Policy

Occasionally, circumstances change and you may find that you are unable to proceed with an order which you have placed. We will always try to be as understanding as possible but you must understand that a charge will have to be made. If you find that you need to cancel, please inform us within 48 hours so that we can contact the supplier. If we can cancel the goods with the supplier an administration charge of £65 will apply.

If your order is delayed, we hope that you will accept that it is worth waiting a little longer for your chosen product. If, however, when the forecast delivery date has passed, you decide that you wish to cancel your order, you have the right to do so – but you must give us “reasonable notice”. We interpret this as a period of 21 days, starting from the forecast delivery date, or from any revised forecast date which we have advised and you have accepted. During this period of notice you will allow us to complete the delivery if we are able, before your notice to cancel takes effect.

If we cannot cancel the order, we will charge you 50% of the value of your order, to cover handling, stocking and disposal of the unplanned stock. Orders which involve non-standard sizes, or unusual colours or combinations, will incur a higher charge because of the difficulty of disposal. If we are successful in cancelling the order with our supplier, a cancellation charge of 25% will be made.