Cubic shelves

Finished in natural oak veneer, combine different sizes


Cubic shelves are finished in natural oak veneer and can provide useful additional storage in any room. The various sizes may be combined as required.

Available in a wide choice of wood and painted finishes – please note the natural knots in the wood will show through the painted versions.

VEN817 W 87 x H 177 x D 32cm
VEN813 W 87 x H 135 x D 32cm
VEN417 W 43 x H 177 x D 32cm
VEN413 W 43 x H 135 x D 32cm
VEN492 W 43 x H 92 x D 32cm
VEN453 W 45 x H 53 x D 32cm
VEN892 W 87 x H 92 x D 32cm