Stressless Stella Corner Sofa

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Available in all Stressless leather and fabric qualities

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    Stressless Stella Corner Sofa

    Lean back, loosen your shoulders and feel how your whole body relaxes. Whether reading the paper, entertaining friends, or just closing your eyes and taking a well-deserved time out, a good sofa will make you appreciate this valuable time even more.

    BalanceAdapt – Subtle rocking increases comfort – it’s all about finding the right balance. With BalanceAdapt the sitting angle automatically adjusts to your body’s tiniest movement.

    Stressless Stella corner sofa is available in all Stressless leather and fabric qualities. Legs in 2 metal finishes: Polished Steel or Matte Black. Wood leg version in a choice of colour finish – with wood accents on the arms.

    Modules and configurations

    Choice of 3 arm options: S1 23cm – S2 17cm
    (i) sofa height 78cm
    (ii) sofa height with headrest 98cm
    (iii) sofa depth 93cm
    (iv) arm height S1/E1 58cm
    (v) arm height S2/E2 64cm
    (vi) arm height SW1 58cm
    (vii) depth long seat 165cm
    (viii) distance to wall 11cm
    (ix) distance to the wall with headrest 19cm


    (i) 1 seater (available with side panels only) without arms 76cm
    (ii) Corner 90cm
    (iii) 1.25 seater without arms 91cm
    (iv) 2 seater without arms 151cm
    (v) 2.5 seater without arms 181cm
    (vi) 3 seater without arms 226cm
    (vii) C 2-2.5 seater
    (viii) C 2.5-2.5 seater
    (ix) C 2-3 seater
    (x) C 2.5-3 seater
    (xi) Ottoman (medium) 75cm
    (xii) Ottoman (large) 90cm
    (xiii) Ottoman table 30cm
    (xiv) 2 seater low back sofa 185 x h 78 x 93cm
    (xv) 2 seater with headrest 185 x h 98 x 93cm
    (xvi) 2.5 seater low back sofa 215 x h 78 x 93cm
    (xvii) 1 seater with side panels 82 x h 78 x 93cm
    (xviii) Corner C2 – 2.5 seater 288 x h 78 x 93cm

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