Crista Corner Sofa

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Crista is available in 10cm increments in a wide choice of fabric or leather colours

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    Crista Corner Sofa – Crista Modular Sofas in fabric on show at Truro, St Austell and Hayle.

    Crista corner sofa is a contemporary sofa with the added feature that you can choose the sofa width to suit your room – in 10 cm increments – choose the colour, size and add reclining options if required. Available in many combinations. Adjustable headrests and reclining actions are available with power operation. The recliner action is a “wall-hugger” type and requires no additional clearance against the wall.

    The range is available in fabric or leather. There is a choice of feet: brushed metal, or wood in oak, taupe, grege, or chocolat finish.

    The corner modular sofas are available in many combinations.

    Size – available to order in 10cm increments

    Staingard fabric protection can protect your new sofa. The Staingard five-year service programme is well worth the small extra cost, to protect your new sofa. Please see also the Care Advice section of the website.

    Why choose a Crista Corner Sofa?

    Every ROM Sofa is a unique piece and will exactly fit into your room and your life. To do this, we design each sofa and chair in increments of 10cm on our 3D sofa configurator – together with you. Adding reclining options if preferred.

    Aging Without Wrinkles

    Leather covers may stretch out over time. As a consequence: Rippling. With the MONTANA and TRENTINO+ models all leather parts have PERMATEX as standard which reduces rippling as best as possible. The PERMATEX-fabric is glued on the bottom of the covers and sustainably prevents leather from overstretching.

    Imagine the following: Red wine, ink, chips, tomato sauce – there it is, the stain. All of a sudden. On your sofa. And right then and there, perfect harmony turns into tragedy. The stain is there to stay. The sofa is ruined. Wait! Change of scene, same sofa, same stain. Now imagine someone using a cloth, wiping over the stain, making it disappear. Harmony, peace, and a perfect, stainless sofa.
    Upholstery covers that are easy and residue-free to clean! Fabrics and leather that can withstand a lot and that don’t show how frequently they are actually in use.

    More tips for fabric care and removal of stains can be find in the configurator – visit us in store and find your perfect cover  to fit in with your lifestyle.

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