Stressless Magic

A Stressless Reclining chair, by Ekornes of Norway, is the ultimate recliner


A Stressless Reclining chair, by Ekornes of Norway, is the ultimate recliner, with its unique head and lumbar support. The Magic takes comfort to an unrivaled level.

The stressless footstool is freestanding to fit all leg lengths, and the top follows your movements, thanks to its built-in glide function.

Classic base model with LegComfort – in this version an elegant footrest is hidden under the seat. Lightly touch the buttons and it swings out to give optimum support. Available in Medium and Large.

10 year guarantee on internal mechanism.

Now available in a Power version, the integrated footrest has the same advantages as the LegComfort, it’s quick and easy to operate, has a slim design, can be adapted to different leg lengths and extends longer than most footrests on the market. Battery is available, with magnetic attachment of charger for easy access.

Classic – Classic base is a timeless design
Small Chair 77 x h 98/108 x 76cm
Medium Chair 80 x h 101/111 x 77cm
Large Chair 91 x h 101/111 x 77cm
Seat Height 42.5cm
Stool 55 x h 43 x 56cm
Signature – Signature base with BalanceAdapt with its gentle rocking motion.
Small chair 78 x h 101/111 x 76cm
Medium chair 82 x h 102/112 x 78cm
Large chair 91 x h 102/112 x 84cm
Stool 55 x h 46 x 56cm
LegComfort Classic
Medium chair 81 x h 101/111 x 76/130cm
Large chair 90 x h 101/111 x 78/131cm

Wide choice of leather and wood finishes