Stressless Anna Corner Sofa

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Anna offers zero-gravity feel for optimal restitution

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    Stressless® Anna has a light design that differs from other Power sofas in the market. The clever functionality ensures perfect relaxation and allows you to adjust the headrest, back and leg position to your personal preference. With the footrest fully extended your body will feel completely relaxed.

    With the Stressless® Anna sofa, you will have full freedom to select motorised and manual modules side by side. When the motorised function is selected, a footrest smoothly extends under your feet. The motorised headrest follows, and provides you with the optimal position for relaxation with your feet up. On the manual seat, you regulate the position with your hands. With the headrest in a collapsed position, the sofa appears visually smaller. In the raised position it offers good head support and transforms a low-back sofa into a high-back.

    Available to order in all leather qualities/colours and fabrics except velour Rose, Grace, Magnolia and Cosmos. All wood legs and the arm with the laminate panel are in beech and come in the standard stain colours. Arm A3 with laminate panel must always have the same wood colour on legs and panel.

    All metal legs are available in polished/matt black, except for Steel leg slim which only comes in polished finish. Supportive legs are required for some configurations. These are always black and placed further under the sofa to be “invisible”.
    • Note that the Bow options are only delivered on armrests or end modules. If you order a setup with Wood or Steel bow, you will have either wood leg slim or steel leg square on all the other load bearing modules.

    Three different armrests are available A1, A2 and a wood arm A3.

    please refer to our downloadable pdf for the many combinations available for the Anna model.
    Seat height 46.5cm
    Seat depth 54cm
    Sofa height 86/102/68cm
    Depth upright 103cm
    Depth reclined 166cm
    Depth long seat 171cm
    Distance to wall 6cm