Plan X5 Cabinet

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In exactly the right height, width and depth, X5 is perfect for any room situation.

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    Plan X5 cabinet, lowboard, highboard and sideboard on show at Truro.

    Plan X5, the distinctive, shaped timber one – the exciting combination of clean cut style and harmoniously curved rough-edge look. Either in oiled light rustic oak or oiled, softly brushed light wild oak.

    Timber meets lacquer, natural authenticity meets first class design, easy feel meets feel good home: X5 combines the best of both worlds. And demonstrates taste – in the most elegant way possible. The highlights here are the beautiful tops with a rough-edged look with their natural and deliberately irregular lines that create an exciting contrast with the clean looking style that comes with PLAN X.

    PLAN X5 cabinet can be combined in any way you wish. You can also choose preconfigured, perfectly balanced combinations, such as lowboard, wallboard, wall unit and panels. Ultimately, there are only two things that matter: the space you have. And your style.

    Indirect background lighting: use X5 to conjure a lighting mood and ambience that couldn’t be more distinctive and appealing. Illuminated open compartments make subtle statements: to accentuate accessories or simply to look stunningly good. Convenient touch light control: X5 lets you feature multifaceted accent lighting based on LED technology.

    Handcrafted in Germany.

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    In exactly the right height, width and depth, X5 are perfect for any room situation.
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