ercol Windsor occasional

Smooth, strokable contours, beautifully made in solid timbers


Ercol Windsor furniture has smooth, strokable contours and is beautifully made in solid timbers.

Choose from a wide range of dining, storage and occasional pieces in a choice of three finishes: (ST) Straw, (LT) Light, (GD) Golden Dawn.

(3865) Console table 79 x h 72 x 41cm
(3866) Lamp table 44 x h 65 x 50cm
(3833) TV corner cabinet 91 x h 55 x 71cm
(3832) TV unit 91 x h 55 x 46cm
(3830) Infra Red TV unit 91 x h 55 x 46cm
(3831) Wide Infra Red TV unit 156 x h 48 x 46cm
(3867) Coffee table 130 x h 45 x 56cm
(3868) Supper table with lifting top 130 x h 43-67 x 67cm closed
(3860) Bureau 91 x h 114 x 46cm
(1153) Magazine rack 36 x h 50 x 55cm
(1159) Nest of tables 41 x h 44 x 63cm

Ercol’s chairman, Edward Tadros, talks about the range

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