Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress

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Layers of Platinum Certified British wool, for a refreshing sleeping surface.

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    Vispring traditional bedstead mattress on show at Truro, St Austell and Hayle.

    The Vispring Traditional Bedstead mattress combines layers of Platinum Certified British wool. Wool is ideal for a cool sleeping surface, combined with a hand nested pocket spring system for comfort and support, helping you wake refreshed in the morning.

    Mattress Tension: Soft, Medium, Firm or Extra Firm

    1254 Hand Nested Pocket Springs

    Vispring are the only bed manufacturer to produce their own springs from the finest Vanadium steel. They ensure that these work in harmony with your bed’s upholstery to supply a delicate balance of strength and softness. Their craftsmen place by hand the pocket springs in a honeycomb pattern this maximises the support offered by each bespoke mattress. Each spring nestles in a natural cotton calico pocket, ensuring excellent breathability inside the mattress. This offers a more precise and body-responsive support. In effect the pocket springs work individually, gently supporting you from head to toe as you sleep.

    Hand Teased Fillings

    The traditional craft of gently separating fibres by hand enhances the attributes of natural fillings. This process overall ensures an even distribution of fillings, giving an opulent feel. This process gives resilience and loft to the fillings to allow the air to move freely and the bed to breathe.

    Cotton Layer

    A soft and durable cotton layer with responsive properties that complements the spring unit is added to the mattress. This helps provide a comfortable feel and enhances breathability.

    100% Platinum Certified British Fleece Wool

    The Wool used has been awarded the Platinum Certificate and has a guarantee from the British Wool Marketing Board for its high quality and exacting standards. It is sustainable and hypo-allergenic and goes through a cleaning process without the use of bleach or chemicals. It has hydroscopic properties and this encourages the evaporation of any body moisture. Wool is soft and adds a natural insulating upholstery layer for added comfort and in fact a natural insulator providing coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

    Tape Edging

    The master craftsman use meticulous care to close the mattress panel and border creating a strong and smooth finish to the mattress edges.

    2 Rows of Genuine Hand Side Stitching

    Traditional hand-side stitching secures the outer springs to the border at the top and bottom preventing roll out. Side stitching is a highly skilled and labour intensive job, carried out by senior upholsterers using traditional long needles and 100% natural twine, it makes borders and edges stronger. The effects on the mattress are quite dramatic, preventing the springs from distorting and extends the sleeping area right up to the edge of the bed to make the borders and edges stronger.

    Hand-Tufted with Felt Washers

    The traditional method of mattress upholstery where the fillings are secured by hand with tufts from the top of the mattress to the bottom, to ensure all loose fillings are secured to provide the perfect finish.

    M-Pure Treated Finest Quality Cover

    A pure and natural fire retardant cover, which is 100% sustainable and is biodegradable. M-Pure uses natural Bio based ingredients, giving you a fresh sleeping surface.

    Flag-stitched Handles

    Handles on all sides for ease of turning.

    Air Vents

    Chrome air vents allows the air to circulate, so these help to regulate the temperature and keep the mattress fresh.

    Seasonal Turn

    A seasonal turn will ensure the longevity of the life of the mattress, therefore turning will enable the fillings to settle more evenly and will improve its ventilation. This mattress offers two possible sleeping surfaces since having fillings on both sides.


    Mattress Border Depth – 21cm

    Large range of sizes available, please enquire

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