Stressless Reno – 3 sizes

3 recliner sizes so everyone can enjoy Stressless comfort


Reno Classic base
The Stressless Reno in 3 recliner sizes, so everyone can enjoy Stressless comfort. The stressless footstool is freestanding to fit all leg lengths, and the top follows your movements, thanks to its built-in glide function.

Reno Classic Power
Available in medium or large chairs. An elegant footrest is hidden under the seat. Lightly touch the buttons and it swings out to give optimum support.

10 year guarantee on internal mechanism.

There are matching sofas with reclining seats, as well.

Classic base
Small 75 x h 96 x 75cm – sh 40cm
Medium 79 x h 98/108 x 75cm – sh 40cm
Large 88 x h 98/108 x 78cm – sh 42cm
Stool 55 x h 40 x 41cm
Wide choice of leathers and wood finishes
Medium 79 x h 98 x 78/131cm
Large 88 x h 98 x 77/131cm