Bravo Sofa

Only available in-store

Bravo – Italian leather range includes reclining manual and electric options.

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    Bravo sofa on show at Wadebridge. 

    Bravo sofa in a wide choice of luxurious, quality Italian leather.

    Fixed and reclining options. Modular, corner sofas available.

    (seat width 94cm)
    Large sofa 2 rcl W 230 x H 99 x D 95 / 151cm
    Large sofa W 230cm
    Large sofa 1 arm lhf/rhf 1 rcl W 212cm
    Corner W 104cm
    Rectangular stool W 84 x D 58cm
    (seat width 84cm)
    Sofa 2 rcl W 210cm
    Sofa W 210cm
    Sofa 1 arm lhf/rhf 1 rcl W 192cm
    Corner and terminal chair W 246cm x D 104cm
    (seat width 74cm)
    Loveseat 2 rcl 190 W
    Loveseat W 190cm
    Loveseat 1 arm lhf/rhf 1 rcl W 172cm
    (seat width 64cm)
    Loveseat small 2 rcl W 170cm
    Loveseat small W 170cm

    Recliner 116cm
    Armchair 116cm
    Recliner chair 1 arm lhf/rhf 1 rcl W 98cm
    Armchair 1 arm lhf/rhf W 98cm
    Small recliner chair W 106cm
    Small armchair W 106cm

    Day-to-day care of leather furniture: we recommend that you wipe gently with a moist cloth, then buff with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid excessive wetting or rubbing. Frequent cleaning is needed where hands, bare arms, or heads rest against the hide. Two or three times a year, use Leathermaster Cleaner and Protector, available from Julian Foye.

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