Product Guarantee

Your Order and Guarantee

When you order at Julian Foye Truro - St Austell - Wadebridge - Hayle, this is what happens next ...

Ordering and Delivery times: We normally place your order with our supplier on the day we take the order. We then expect to receive, within two weeks, a confirmation which forecasts a despatch date. The estimated delivery which we quoted was based on the most recent information from our suppliers at the time. If there is any change to this, we will tell you. Generally, furniture is delivered to us on time but occasionally a supplier is unable to keep to the delivery estimate. We will monitor your order and, if we find that there is a delay, we will contact you to let you know.

Payment: We normally require 25% deposit with your order; for a non-standard size or colour, we may ask for up to 50% deposit. The deposit can be paid by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo or Electron) or by cash or cheque. The balance is payable when the goods arrive.

Please check your order: Your salesperson will have gone through the order with you and given you a copy to confirm what we are ordering for you. It is your responsibility to check the confirmation document and ensure, for example, that your colour and finish choices are correctly recorded.

If you find when you return home that you believe a mistake has been made, or you feel that some detail is not clear, please contact the store as soon as possible and ask to speak to the salesperson who took your order. It is important that you do not delay, so that, if an amendment does have to be made, we are able to catch the order before it is too late to change it.

Delivery to you: When we have your furniture, we will contact you to arrange delivery. It is helpful to have both a home and mobile telephone number; and an email address. We deliver during the working day and we have scheduled delivery days for each area. If you require delivery on a different day, or outside normal working hours, we may be able to arrange this but it might mean a delay and we may have to make a charge.

If you are not ready for the furniture when it comes, we will ask you to pay the balance. We will store the goods free of charge for up to six weeks.

We will pre-arrange a delivery day and give you an approximate time of day. Although we will try to arrive close to the time arranged, road conditions or delays incurred in prior deliveries might prevent this. If there is any change to our estimated arrival time, we will phone to let you know. You must be prepared for the possibility that we may arrive up to two hours later than the time arranged. If you prefer, we can arrange to phone you at your place of work, shortly before arrival, so that you can meet us at the house. Alternatively, we are happy to liaise with a key-holder or neighbour if you cannot be there in person – or you can leave a key with us at the showroom. Please ensure that you make known where the furniture is to be placed.

Your furniture will be delivered by our own staff, who will bring the furniture into the room in which it is to be used and unpack and assemble as required. Any packaging will be removed. Polythene, cardboard and polystyrene are collected at our warehouse to be recycled. Where appropriate, we will give you a briefing on the operation, care and maintenance of the product.

FREE delivery for the whole of Cornwall and West Devon (excludes items purchased from the Julian Foye Outlet - St Blazey). Deliveries outside the south-west may be made by a delivery contractor, who will not be able to offer this level of service.
Access for delivery: Please let us know, when you order, if you live in a narrow lane which may not be accessible for our normal delivery van. It is your responsibility to ensure that access is possible into your house and to the room of your choice. Please make sure, before you order, that the furniture will fit through the entry way to your house, as well as fitting its space in the room. This is particularly important for larger sofas and beds. Our delivery staff will take all reasonable care but please make sure that items of value, such as ornaments, glass shades and pictures, are removed from the access route before we arrive.

If it is evident that there will be particular problems involved in delivering to your home – such as a high wall or balcony – please ask us to make an assessment and give you a quotation for the additional delivery cost.

If it becomes apparent to the delivery team at any point that there is a risk that damage will be caused to either to the product or to your home, they will stop and discuss the situation with you. If you decide that you would like them to continue, we will not be responsible for minor damage to home décor or to the product. If delivery requires the unplanned removal of doors or other work by our delivery staff, we reserve the right to charge for the time involved.

Check that your new furniture will fit: Please consult the Buying and Care Advice pages for guidance on how to measure for your furniture. If you are in any doubt, please ask us before placing the order to avoid the inconvenience, expense and embarrassment of ordering furniture which cannot be delivered to your room.

If you are still unsure, after checking the measurements and discussing it with us, we may be able to offer to make a dummy delivery, using a display model; there is a charge for this service but it will be refunded against your deposit when you place your order.

If you have not requested a dummy delivery and it proves impossible to deliver to your home, we may be able to take your item(s) into stock, subject to a re-stocking fee of 50%.

Missed delivery charge: If we are unable to complete the delivery because there is no one there to receive the order – and we arrived within two hours of the time indicated – you will incur a re-delivery charge of £30. This will also apply if a re-delivery is necessary because the access route was not clear on the original delivery day.

Cancellation: Occasionally, circumstances change and you may find that you are unable to proceed with an order which you have placed. We will always try to be as understanding as possible but you must understand that a charge will have to be made. If you find that you need to cancel, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can contact the supplier.

If we cannot cancel the order, we will charge you 50% of the value of your order, to cover handling, stocking and disposal of the unplanned stock. Orders which involve non-standard sizes, or unusual colours or combinations, will incur a higher charge because of the difficulty of disposal. If we are successful in cancelling the order with our supplier, a cancellation charge of 25% will be made.

If your order is delayed, we hope that you will accept that it is worth waiting a little longer for your chosen product. If, however, when the forecast delivery date has passed, you decide that you wish to cancel your order, you have the right to do so – but you must give us “reasonable notice”. We interpret this as a period of 14 days, starting from the forecast delivery date, or from any revised forecast date which we have advised and you have accepted. During this period of notice you will allow us to complete the delivery if we are able, before your notice to cancel takes effect.

Moving your existing furniture: Our delivery team can move your present furniture to another room or to your garage but we would appreciate prior warning, so that we can plan the time required.

Taking away your existing furniture: This needs to be arranged in advance. If your furniture has the required labels attached, to show compliance with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988, and is in good condition, we may be able to accept it as a “Trade In”, with an allowance agreed in advance.

If the Fire Safety labels are not present, or if the furniture is not suitable for a Trade In, we can still take it away but we will make a charge for doing so. If at all possible, it will be donated to a furniture re-use charity or sent for recycling. We will refuse to take away any item which is wet, dirty or likely to cause damage to other furniture being carried on the vehicle.

Checking your delivery: When our staff have made the delivery, they will ask you to sign to confirm that the order has been received in good condition, so please take time to check that the items are complete and to your satisfaction. If you are less than fully satisfied, please make this known to the delivery staff and see that your comments are recorded on the delivery note.

If you notice a problem after the delivery team have left, you should report this to the store from which you made your purchase, within 3 days.

We hope you will be delighted with your new furniture: but if you find that you are disappointed with your choice it is important that you tell us right away. We will be as sympathetic as possible but if you ask us to take the item back into stock there will be charge of 50% to cover handling, stocking and disposal. The charge will be reduced if you are making a replacement order.  

The Julian Foye Product Guarantee on new purchases

Items you buy from Julian Foye's four showrooms at Truro, St Austell, Wadebridge and Hayle (not including the Julian Foye Outlet - St Blazey - Outlet items are guaranteed for 12 months against manufacturers defects only) is covered by a Product Guarantee, against faulty or defective manufacture. The main structure of your furniture is guaranteed for 5 years and all other components for a period of 2 years. The guarantee excludes any result of normal wear and tear, improper care or accidental damage. This guarantee is an extra benefit and your normal statutory rights are not affected. The Product Guarantee is introduced for products delivered after 1st March 2013.

Upholstery: Items guaranteed for 5 years are frames, springs and webbing. Other components are guaranteed for 2 years; this includes recliner mechanisms, sofabed or storage actions, motors, ratchet headrests and armrests, adjustable seats, covers and stitching.

Dining, Bedroom and Occasional: Items guaranteed for 5 years are timber, veneers, structural stability and joints. Other components are guaranteed for 2 years; this includes handles, catches, hinges, interior fittings, light fittings (replaceable bulbs are not covered), drawer runners, and the multi-function or extension action of a dining or coffee table.

Beds: Items guaranteed for 5 years are frames, springs and structural stability. Other components are guaranteed for 2 years; this includes motors, drawers, adjustable mechanisms and ottoman storage mechanisms, covers and stitching.

Carpets, Fabrics and Accessories (lamps, rugs, pictures etc): All such items are covered for 2 years against faulty manufacture.

If you discover a problem after the Guarantee period, or with a product purchased before the introduction of the Guarantee, please come and talk to us. Even though there may not be a “free of charge” route, we will do our best to work with you to find a solution.

Terms and conditions of the Guarantee

1. The guarantee is non-transferable and valid from the date of original purchase only. Proof of purchase is the responsibility of the purchaser.

2. General wear and tear, including staining, excessive soiling, abrasion, tears and burns, and accidental damage are excluded.

3. Natural settlement and flattening of cushion interiors and bed fillings are excluded.

4. The cracking of wood due to extreme changes in room humidity or temperature is excluded.

5. Dye transfer from non colourfast plastics, fabrics and clothing (e.g. denim and throws) is excluded.

6. Damage to the product caused by contact with hair products, body lotions or other cosmetics is excluded.

7. Julian Foye reserves the right to meet its obligations under this guarantee by the means which it decides is most appropriate. This may involve rectifying the problem, arranging for the replacement of an unsatisfactory component or refunding part of the original purchase price.

8. If goods are exchanged, or a total refund is given, the goods that are deemed faulty revert to the ownership of Julian Foye.

9. The amount of any claim under the guarantee shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the unsatisfactory merchandise.

10. This guarantee does not cover non-domestic use and does not apply to goods which are taken outside the UK.

11. The guarantee may be invalidated if the purchaser does not follow or carry out proper care procedures, in accordance with our or the manufacturer’s recommendations; or where the product has been adapted, abused or altered.

The Furniture Ombudsman

We want you to enjoy complete peace of mind when you buy from us. We subscribe to The Furniture Ombudsman and abide by their Code of Practice, which enshrines our commitment to product quality and customer reassurance, and provides a readily accessible conciliation service.

Price Match Promise

At Julian Foye we are committed to offering you the finest products, the highest standards of customer service and the very best value available. We do not want to lose you as a valued customer because of price. For this reason we offer a Price Match Guarantee. If you find the same product, which you are considering purchasing from us, at a cheaper price, we promise that we will match that price provided that:

• The item you have seen at a lower VAT-inclusive price is identical to the item on display in our showroom at time of order.

• All comparable services are included, e.g. delivery and installation.

• The item you have seen is brand new and not reconditioned, end of line or returned stock.

• The item is currently available from a bona fide retailer; e.g. not an auction website or a business in receivership.

• You can provide us with adequate information to confirm the price ourselves.

Please note: The Promise is limited to our free delivery area. We reserve the right not to uphold the Price Match Promise if it would result in an overall loss for the company.

To request a price match, please contact your nearest showroom or email

Please keep in touch with us

As a long established local family business, we know that a large part of our custom comes through personal recommendation. We value your feedback, good or bad. We want to learn from what you report to us and continually improve our service.

If we have done a good job and you like what you’ve bought, please tell your friends and family. If not, please tell us and we will do our best to put things right.