Yale Manual Recliner

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A truly classic, sophisticated recliner with its timeless, elegant design

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    Yale manual recliner – on show at Truro.

    The Yale balances contemporary sophistication with exceptional comfort, comes with a choice of striking back and arm designs that brings Norwegian style to any room in your home. Whichever design you choose the attention to detail is the same, from a back and footrest that operate independently, an adjustable headrest pillow.

    ‘Just right’ headrest
    Support your head and neck in the perfect position by fine-tuning the angle of the headrest with our unique adjustable system.

    360° Swivel
    Effortlessly rotate the chair in either direction, with the peace of mind of absolute stability, thanks to the smooth 360-degree swivel mechanism.

    Adjustable reclining backrest
    Effortlessly recline and change the back angle to suit your needs.

    Lean back and stretch out
    Relax without having to release the footstool thanks to the unique independent back and footrest system. A slight push on the arm, and the footrest unfolds smoothly. When you want to close the footrest just lean forward slightly, and effortlessly push the footrest down and in.

    Cure Foam Cushioning
    For lasting comfort and durability, this space-age material, encasing the recliner steel frame and springs, is moulded to create a contoured silhouette, that holds its shape for the lifetime of the foam. Ensuring better ergonomic support for your body giving comfort that lasts.

    Norwegian quality
    From the reclining mechanism with integrated footrest, to the construction based on a hard wood and steel frame encased with a unique moulded foam.

    *Please note that models from this range are only available in selected covers: Prime, Trend, Elite, Salsa II, Caprice, Queen, Rosso, Sicilia, Ultra, Dora, Jade, Sandy, Tina, Tuva and Sheepskin. Please contact us for further information.


    Chair 74 x h 102 x 84cm