Stressless Office Chair

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Consul, Mayfair and London w/headrest, medium size in black, available for quick delivery!

Enjoy the comfort of Stressless when you are working at home with Stressless Office. The new office line ensures that 40 years of innovation is taken care of in this new office furniture.

The patented Stressless Plus system automatically adjusts the headrest as you recline.
Anatomically correct lumbar support in all positions – synchronises with the neck support function as part of the Stressless Plus system.
The sleep function is activated with one simple movement to lay the headrest flat.
For unbeatable comfort, you set the Stressless wheel once and change your sitting position by using your own body weight.
Comfort Zones give you a better seating comfort, as the indentations let you sink deeper into the seat and back of the recliner.
Your Stressless Office chair can easily and smoothly be height-adjusted by using the handle under the seat. The base with wheels is carefully developed and designed to give optimal stability and freedom of movement.

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