Stressless Arion

2 seater showroom model available now at Truro


You move more than 300 times during the length of a movie. This might sound exhausting, but don’t despair – Stressless seating is designed to adjust to your every movement. The spacious soft, seats of your Stressless Home Cinema seating, combined with a Stressless ottoman, ensure an optimal movie experience.

Regardless of how much space you have available for your home cinema setup, the ingenious flexible modular design of the Arion ensures that there always space.

The smart Sector tables and armrests complete the Stressless Home Cinema setup – both functionally and aesthetically. Now there’s no need to get up – everyone can keep their snacks or selected beverage within reach! The armrests also double as practical storage spaces.

10-year warranty on the internal mechanism

Now available in a Power version with integrated legrest and motorised adjustment of the back and seat. Battery available – one battery per Power operated seat, all charged by a single magnetic contact and one transformer.

3 seater low back sofa 198 x h 84 x 87cm sh 44cm
3 seater high back sofa 198 x h 97/107 x 87cm
2 seater low back sofa 143 x h 84 x 87cm
2 seater high back sofa 143 x h 97/107 x 87cm
Chair low back 88 x h 84 x 87cm
Chair high back 88 x h 97/107 x 87cm

Leg options: Wooden hoop – Steel hoop – Steel leg – Wooden leg

Wide choice of leathers