Scandi 700 Dining

Modern classic dining table


The CASØ 700 series is developed in cooperation with the designer duo Steffensen&Würtz. The series has a classic, elegant and simple design.

“We have, in the design of the CASØ 700, kept focus on creating soft, but defined transitions between the elements, where we have worked in the tension between the soft and the stringent expression in order to create an elegant and calm evironment.”

The series is produced in partly solid oak, with the opportunity for top plates and fronts in anthracite NANO laminate and the frame is treated with whiteoil, that makes the series light and nice to look at. 

CASØ 700 dining table is produced with a butterfly extension, which means that the 1-meter extension plate is integrated within the table. This makes it easy for one person to extend the table, while it saves space.

The table is available to order in:
Oak / white oil
Oak / white oil w. top plate in anthracite NANO laminate

Display cabinet comes with 2 framed glass doors with 1 drawer behind each door. Both drawers and doors are with softclose. Behind each door is 1 fixed wooden shelf and 6 adjustable wooden shelves. It is furthermore possible to buy LED lights incl. transformer that can be installed on the shelves.

700 Dining Table 200/300 x 100 x 75 cm
Bookcase 170 x 170 x 45cm
Highboard 132 x 133 x 40cm
Sideboard 183 x 81 x 40cm
TV stand 183 X 33/59 X 45cm
Display Cabinet 123 x 191 x 40cm