A traditional scroll-arm sofa
On show at St Austell!


Halland – on show at our St Austell showroom

Halland combines sweeping planed arms with attractive rattan side panelling. The simple accessories complete the look. All pieces are hand-made with a natural wash finish which is an ideal foundation to carry a fabric of your choice and create a look that adds style to your home.

Lounging sofa 124 x h 104 x 93cm
Large Sofa 151 x h 104 x 93cm
Lounging chair 70 x h 104 x 93cm
Swivel rocking chair 74 x h 115 x 102cm
Corner set Lefthand 151 x h 104 x 93cm
Corner set Righthand 151 x h 104 x 93cm
Corner set 260 x h 104 x 260cm
Side table 49 x h 47 x 49cm
Coffee table 75 x h 47 x 60cm
Footstool 65 x h 44 x 36cm

Classic Cane