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Saw cut rustic oak marquetry contrast beautifully against the metal base

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Eleanor Rustic Oak showcases bold design with a combination of the natural lines of the elliptical and circular tables, paired with the geometrical & linear shapes of the cabinet, to create a compelling and slightly eclectic look. The striking saw cut rustic oak marquetry tops on the thick table tops and cabinet doors contrast beautifully against the large welded peppercorn powder coated metal bases, creating a range that successfully blends intricate craftsmanship and indulgently warm tones with an on trend industrial aesthetic.

6 seater dining table 200 x h 77 x 105cm
4 seater circular dining table 125 x h 77cm
Logan dining chair (pair) 48 x h 91 x 65cm
Eleanor dining chair (pair) 52  x h 87 x 61cm
Bar stools 49 x h 100 x 52cm
Rustic oak upholstered chairs and stools in choice of Dark Grey Fabric or Old West Vintage (pair)
Narrow sideboard 110 x h 86 x 46cm
Wide Sideboard 158 x h 86 x 46cm
Open display unit 91 x h 196 x 39cm

Console table 114 x h 77 x 35cm
Coffee table 114 x h 43 x 61cm
Entertainment unit 144 x h 55 x 41cm
Lamp table 42 x h 59 x 42cm
Sofa table 48 x h 59 x 26cm
Wall mirror 80 x h 80 x 2cm


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