How do I care for the dining and bedroom furniture?

You would like to enjoy new living room or bedroom furniture for a long time. With consistent care and maintenance, your furniture will stay beautiful for many years.

This advice might not apply to your particular type of furniture. Julian Foye cannot accept liability for any loss incurred as a result of taking inappropriate action.

If you are in doubt, please ask us for advice specific to your furniture. For cleaning or repairs you should seek expert help.

How do I care for my cabinet furniture?

  • Do not situate furniture near heat sources or air conditioning. Avoid changes in humidity – particularly steam.
  • Always leave an air gap behind wardrobes and wall units.
  • Protect furniture from strong or prolonged sunlight. Protect from anything which might cause scratching.
  • Protect furniture surfaces from sharp items e.g. when using a ballpoint pen.
  • Carefully lift your furniture, never drag or push.
  • Do not rock backwards on dining chairs.
  • Always follow the instructions regarding wall fixing.
  • The colour of real wood matures in light. Ornaments should be moved and table leaves frequently exposed to light if you wish to avoid noticeable colour differences.
  • You can protect your table from damage with place mats or with heat resistant table felt*. If ordered with a new table, the table felt can be cut to size for you.
  • Disconnect any light fittings from the mains before bulbs are changed.

How can I clean my cabinet furniture?

  • Always follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions.
  • Always assume that wooden furniture will not resist water, chemicals or heat.
  • Natural wax or oiled finishes are porous and stain easily, so it is most important to mop up spills immediately.
  • Blot up any spills immediately. Do not try to wash or rub spills and do not use detergents.
  • Remove any finger marks with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  • Gently dust your furniture and, if polishing is recommended, use a soft, lint-free buffing cloth.
  • Wooden furniture which has a protective lacquer may be wiped with a damp cloth, then buffed with a soft, dry cloth. The same advice applies for man-made foil and melamine surfaces.

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Furniture with polished surface

If your furniture has a polished surface, only use good quality furniture polish*. Avoid silicone or multi-surface polishes, which will leave a smeary residue.

Furniture with an oiled finish leaves the factory with only a light application of oil and should be oiled again before use. It is important to use an oil designed for furniture*. Garden furniture products must not be used.

It is important you seek professional advice. If in doubt, please let us help you.

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